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Valley Stream, Long Island, New York

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Dino Riese is a full-service web design and search engine optimization service which provides content writing, and printing services. I am based in Valley Stream, Long Island, New York. Contact me please.

Web Design | SEO | Graphic Design Services | New York | 516 286 3583

Adobe Photoshop Lessons Long Island, NYC

I am not only a computer graphics and interactive media specialist, but at DinoRiese.com I can also teach you the fundamental principals to learning all the aspects of Graphic Design using Adobe Photoshop for web and print. If you follow the videos provided you will learn the necessary sequences in order for learning the fundamentals of the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop. My videos are not only a sequenced set of lessons, but they build off prior knowledge like a good curriculum should to revisit former skill sets. All the tools learned can be used in different ways depending on your style, but the fundamentals are the same. You can also use hot keys to speed up the completion of your graphic designs. Enjoy the creative process!

Graphic Design | Adobe Photoshop Lessons in Sequence | Full Scope Learning Curriculum

Lesson 1 - Photoshop Car Design | Layers, Lasso Tools, & Editing Images

Learn the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop using layers, combining images, cropping images with the magnetic lasso tool, and resizing images to fit the proper perspective. This is the beginning of all you will need to know for web and printing designs.

Lesson 2 - Photoshop Car Design | Layer Visibility & Planar Recession

There are a few ways to create depth on a flat image, you can use either planar or diaganol recession as well. In this case we learn planar recession which is placing one object in front of another to create the illusion of depth using layers. This technique is a must have!

Lesson 3 - Photoshop Car Design | Magic Wand Tool

Learning the Magic Wand tool to shorten your time tracing images with good contrast for cropping, and omitting backgrounds. Proper use of this tool will shorten your design time significantly in conjunction with your layers.

Lesson 4 - Photoshop Car Design | Pollygonal Lasso tool | Color Balance Menu

Using the polygonal lasso tool to cut sections of a layer, and paste it on a new overlapping layer. You then learn the color balance menu (hold "Ctrl. b") in order to change the shadows, highlights, and midtones of a section of an image.

Lesson 5 - Photoshop Car Design | Levels Menu

Learn the levels menu in order to change the lightness and darkness of an image. In this case I apply the levels menu (hold "ctrl. L") to make the illusion of tinting a window, but this technigue can also be applied to enhance light or dark photographs as well.

Lesson 6 - Photoshop Car Design | Merging Images | Transparencies | Eraser Tool

This video describes how to locate images, and place them into Adobe Photoshop. You then learn how to lower the opacity, and erace unwanted negative space. The positive space left over is then applied to the image as a skin or a simple merged photograph.

Lesson 7 - Photoshop Car Design | Text Layers | Text Wrap

The application of text layers is done with a simple traditional text, or the size, color, shape, and angles of the direction of the words can be manipulated to almost any degree. This video teaches you the text layers, and text wraping features.

Lesson 8 | Andy Warhol | Hue Saturation | Curves | Color Balance | Show Ruler

This lesson teaches you how to manipulate the hue of an image and illustrate it. You then learn the curves menu to change the portrait, and we also revisit the color balance menu to not only apply to this project, but build off prior knowledge.

Lesson 9 | Creating Black and White Photograph with a Color Focal point

Digital photographers must have this skill under their belts. This is taking a color image, and making the background of the image black and white, while leaving the center or a focal point of the image still in full color.

Lesson 10 - Zombie Creation | Overlaying Layers | Burn Tool

Photo manipulation is a key factor when designing in Adobe Photoshop. In this lesson you will transform your portrait (or a portrait of another individual) into a zombie using the burn tool, and overlaying layers in the layer options menu.

Lesson 11 | Transform hair into water

This is a simple tutorial to learn how to further edit an image when performing a free transformation. We also re-visit the color balance menu, eraser menu, and we lower transparencies for proper image placement once again.

Lesson 12 | Comic Portrait Roy Lichtenstein inspired (part 1)

Create a comic of yourself in Adobe Photoshop. This is a cool Photoshop Project that you can enjoy with friends and family. The image lends itself to Roy Lichtenstein's pop art movement of the 1960s. Funny how History seems to repeat itself.

Lesson 13 | Comic Portrait Roy Lichtenstein inspired (Continued part 2)

Photo manipulation is a key factor when designing in Adobe Photoshop. In this lesson you will transform your portrait (or a portrait of another individual) into a zombie using the burn tool, and overlaying layers in the layer options menu.

Lesson 14 | Black & White Text Portrait

Create a portrait of a person using only text. This means a picture is truly worth 1000 words if you know know how to effectively use text layers, masks, shadows, and mid tones. We also explore the color range menu and re-visit layer masking.

Lesson 15 | Color Text Portrait

Learn how to create custom brushes, add text to an image as a mask stamped with a layer style. Customize family and friend portraits with heartfelt words, and messages. This project uses the shadows and midtones of a person, and we explore layer styles.

Lesson 16 | Line Drawing of a Person

Learn to use the hue saturation menu once again to delete the color of an image this time, or even add hue. We do go briefly into kot key strikes which enable you to save time when you are under pressure, or have a deadline. You also learn how to use the Gaussian Blur tool and edit the radius of images.

Lesson 17 | Splatter Effect

Use layer masking to apply a splatter effect to an image using multiple brushes. Learn how to change the trajectory of brush shapes as you stamp them on your image. Filters such as liquify are activated to stretch the background colors to create the splatter effect.

Lesson 18 | Poster of a Person with Words

Learn to make text filters with layer overlay, and explore different ways to use the gradient options. This project also teaches how hot keys can simplify the design process. We go into sub menus for gradients in this project to make unigue layer styles.

Lesson 19 | Statue Transformation

Use the dispersion method combined with layer masking to create complex textures, and amazing graphics. You must have file organization, and knowledge of lighting to complete this project to its full potential. You will also play with brushes, and different brush sizes. Enjoy!

Lesson 20 | Make a Business Card (Part 1)

In this lesson you will learn how to crop images that relate to your field, or industry. We learn to create line divisions with gradients, generate different forms of text titles, and sub titles for a business card design. Create your own unique business card!

Lesson 21 | Make a Business Card (Part 2)

Final touches in designing your personal business card. Finishing touches include gradients, and layout for a sleek business cards that speaks to your designated target audience. Make your own advertising materials 101.

Lesson 22 | Name Portrait

Have you ever seen words with a photograph inside the words? in this unit we use layer masking in a unique way to make words filled with any image you can imagine. This technique has reshaped the way advertising is designed using computer graphics.

Lesson 23 | Radial Blur an Image to Focus

Get rid of Photo bombers, or make one image into complete focus, as the background remains blurry. This is a fast and easy lesson to use to edit images! We use layer masking along with soft edged photoshop brushes in various sizes to bring images in and out of focus.

Rule of Thumb for learning Adobe Photoshop Applications for Web Design and Print

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