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Web Design | SEO | Graphic Design Services | New York | 516 286 3583

Valley Stream, Long Island, New York

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Dino Riese is a full-service web design and search engine optimization service which provides content writing, and printing services. I am based in Valley Stream, Long Island, New York. Contact me please.

Web Design | SEO | Graphic Design Services | New York | 516 286 3583

Website Design Lessons, NYC

What is Web Design?

A Journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step! Learn the basics first...

Website Design & Development

Website Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization | SEO | Website Ranking

D inoRiese.com is not only a computer graphics and interactive media specialist, but Dino Riese can also teach you the fundamental principals to learning front end website design. If you go to my youtube channel, you can learn sequential steps to building your own website. After you have mastered the default website (the first design in course 1) you can take what you learned, and apply it to any mobile responsive template coded in HTML, HTML5, Bootstrap, Java, and CSS.

Web Design | SEO Lessons in Sequence | Full Scope Learning Curriculum

Editing Images, & Placing Text | Lesson 1

Creating a splash page with elegant images, and text in order to add your own content to your website. This is the first step in becoming acquainted with a mobile responsive bootstrap template.

Placing Your Logo on Your Website | Lesson 2

Mobile design and implement of your logo and branding your identity. This teaches you how to resize your logo in Adobe Photoshop CS6, and place it directly in the header section of your website.

Inserting a favicon into your website | Lesson 3

Inserting a favicon into your website to let viewers know your brand identity. This is shrinking your logo, or cropping a section of your logo in a small square that can be seen at the top of your website.

Inserting a Title to Your Website Pages | Lesson 4

Placing a title on your web pages for SEO practices, and identifying the specific content for the viewer. This practice is vital to search engine optimization, and also helps you organically list yourself in online ranking systems.

h Tags | p Tags | Social Media Direct Linking to Your Website | Lesson 5

Learn how to actively place content in specific sections, completing H tags, P tags, and the direct linking of all your Social Media to your website. This practice can be repeated, and applied throughout your website.

Inserting an iframe with a Google Map | Lesson 6

Inserting a mobile responsive iframe map of your desired location that shrinks, and enlarges on all device screen sizes. This also helps your customers locate your business locally, and provides SEO ranking content.

Contact Section Content | Footer | Form Mail PHP | Lesson 7

Completing the contact information content section of your website, and connecting the form mail via pre designed php files. Following these steps enable you to set up communication for your business with your customers.

Photo Gallery | Lesson 8 (part 1)

Setting up rows of images in a bootstrap mobile responsive platform. You also learn Adobe Photoshop CS6 for incorporating the graphic design aspect of front end web design to your photo gallery, or portfolio.

Photo Gallery | Lesson 8 (part 2)

Completion of your photo gallery, editing the size of thumbnails, and gallery images. Editing Image quality in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Coding in increments of 12 to conform to the mobile responsive bootstrap based design.

Services Section | Image Links | Div Tags | Bootstrap | CSS | Lesson 9 (part 1)

Editing your service section in even rows for a mobile responsive design. Resizing your images for proper placement in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Creating external links to PDF files, or web addresses to build your buttons and backlinks.

Services Section | Image Links | Div Tags | Bootstrap | CSS | Lesson 9 (part 2)

Creating image links that lead to other pages, or sections of your website. Editing the size of images for your website to fit specific sections, and changing the color scheme to fit the theme of your design using Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Creating a Blog | Putting your Resume in a Portfolio | Lesson 10

Creating links to a blog section of your website, and modifying the section to suit your specific need for either business or personal use. Connecting links to external pages, or links within the root folder of your website.

Deleting Sections of your Website | Lesson 11

Omitting and deleting sections of your website is very important for maintaining consistant content. This section teaches you how to edit the toolbar, and directly link your pages and buttons to specifically modified sections of your website.

Creating Links to Documents & Pages | Lesson 12

Creating image links that lead to other pages or sections of your website is an excellent way to back up your content with supporting references. This will also increase your search engine optimization with organic traffic backlinked to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Lesson 13

Following the organic SEO format design with the basic fundamentals in order. URL, titles, descriptions, H 1 tags, H 2 tags, bold words, and most importantly for the handicapped and content descriptions is the proper use of alt tags.

Rule of Thumb for SEO Website Design SEO Format in Order

Dino Riese

Website Designer | Graphic Artist

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