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Web Design | SEO Specialist

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Dino Riese
25 Sanford Court
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Dino Riese | Web Designer & Graphic Artist | SEO Specialist

Web design & SEO is an essential part of today's business. Displaying your label or logo in different online mediums, applying your brand to the algorithms necessary to direct authority to your website, and looking amazing doing it is exactly what i do with a passion. If you like to put your business out there, the help is here!

Dino Riese | Web Designer & Graphic Artist | SEO Services | New York City, Long Island | 516.286.3583
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Web Design

Website Design & SEO Specialist
Dino Riese | DinoRiese.com

Graphic Artist & Social Media Advertising

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Dino Riese | Web Design & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service | New York City, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn | 516.286.3583

SEO | Web Design | Graphics

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Search Engine Optimization | SEO
Website Design | Content Writing | Hosting & SSL Certificates

516.286.3583 | DinoRiese@gmail.com

Getting noticed online using Search Engine Optimization techniques requires a strategic approach with your key words and target audience. SEO best practices are based on high quality content rich information affiliated to a source which is usually a blog or a website for educational purposes as well as a service provider. When a user submits information on your website it should be equipped with a Secured Sockets Layer (SSL Certificate) with your hosting provider which encrypts your data from hackers when exchanging information. This is also a factor of your online ranking for website compliance. Mainly a SSL keeps users trust, and DinoRiese.com offers a SSL Certificate with your hosting account. Social Media Advertising, and innovative postings with the proper hashtags are very relevant to your online exposure if done effectively in an organic fashion.
Honestly, Search Engine Optimization is considered an art form. Writing epic website content and accompanying tasteful, relevant images with your content in specific ratios, sizes, and proper organic friendly coding is one of the key factors in your ability to get noticed at the optimum level online. DinoRiese.com specializes in creating beautiful website designs for individuals according to the size of their businesses with unique graphic designs that entice target audiences to conduct business. To effectively market your brand online, DinoRiese.com will set up blogs and backlinks ensuring the maximum authority pointed to your website.
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Search Engine Optimization

On and off page SEO campaigning consisting of relevant backlinks, blogging, and social media advertising generating conversions.

Mobile Responsive Designs

All Web Design is mobile friendly, and is seen clearly across all mediums with multiple drop menus for ease of navigation.

Website Updating

After branding and campaigning is complete, updating plans are set up by individual client needs based on content requirements.

DinoRiese.com SEO Specialist | Web Design Services

Dino Riese | SEO & Web Design | Service Gallery

SEO | Web Design & Graphic Design
Branding & Online Advertising | Social Media Campaigning
516.286.3583 | DinoRiese@gmail.com

Dino Riese | Web Designer & Graphic Artist | Search Engine Optimzation Specialist

Dino Riese | SEO | Web Design & Graphic Design| Facebook | 516.286.3583

Dino Riese | DinoRiese@gmail.com

Dino Riese | Web Designer & Graphic Artist | SEO | 516.286.3583

SEO & Websites

25 Sanford Court, Valley Stream, NY, 11581
Mobile: 516.286.3583

Valley Stream, Long Island, New York based DinoRiese.com is a one stop shop specializing in web design, search engine optimization, online branding, social media outreach, blogging, and graphic design. Dino Riese and his team will redesign your website to making it mobile friendly and connect all your social media campaigns to your new website design reflecting your brand raising your online ranking while ensuring you look great doing it!

Knowing a few simple things about web design, SEO, google analytics, and gathering content can earn you a significant amount of revenue for your business.

What is SEO and Web Design?

What is a Mobile Responsive Design?

All Website Design & Development is focused on adapting to all devices. Creating your website on a mobile responsive platform allows users to visit your website on every device's screen regardless of size. This means your website will display your content on a desktop, laptop, iPhone, android, tablet, or mobile device exactly the same way with ease of navigation with a consistent interface.

How Can Social Media Help My Business?

  • 1) Advertisement Campaigns
  • 2) Organic Posting Outreach
  • 3) Conversion Tracking
  • 4) Create Online Promotions
  • 5) Page Insights (summary of traffic)
  • 6) Post Boosting to Public Audiences
  • 7) Specific Target Location Postings
  • 8) Generate Traffic Clicks to Your Website

What is the difference between my domain name, and hosting?

A Domain Name is the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your website that can be typed in (Key-Word sensitive) to upload your website to an address bar using a web browser. Currently, the most popular website browser for a P.C. is Google Chrome, and for a Mac. it is Safari which both are titans of the online browsing industry. A hosting account is the online location your website's files reside in order for the general public to view them on any browser when your URL is entered in an address bar on the web. There are many hosting services available on the Internet. One of the most popular online hosting services is www.godaddy.com which has 24 hour tech support.

Is Authentic Content Really Important to a Website?

As a business owner, you are the main source of the content related to your website (which is a foundation for your online business). As a business owner, you know more than anyone about your craft as the industry expert. You should be creating informative blogs, updating your social media accounts, linking hashtag key words, and external content related backlinks (off your web page as well as on your web page). Write as much original information as you can. Place your information all over social media websites! Link your social media to your business website always as a rule of thumb to give your website more authority. Some clients even copyright their content to avoid it being stolen or plagiarized by other content writers. By constructing original content related to your target audience with key-words in specific text to image ratios you will rank well on a search organically. This is especially true if you have a good social media following, blogs, and backlinks to support the algorithm to your online campaign.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO Analytics image) | DinoRiese.com | 516.286.3583 | DinoRiese@gmail.com

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an immense compilation of soft copy information directing authority towards your website using Key-Word sensitive URL key words, metadata, on page optimization, backlinking, content image to text ratios, social media outreaching, blogging, updated site mapping, and the ability to measure this data assisting your marketing strategy. Allow Dino Riese to analyze your website TODAY!

Social Media Photograph | DinoRiese.com | 516.286.3583 | DinoRiese@gmail.com

Social Media Campaigning

DinoRiese.com provides Social Media Campaigning that generate traffic to your website fast. While having access as an administrator of your social media, DinoRiese.com generates conversion clicks based on your financial budget. Social media is one of the best ways to reach your target audience organically and advertise across all social platforms.

Google Analytics Photo | DinoRiese.com | 516.286.3583 | DinoRiese@gmail.com

Google Analytics

Measure traffic to each page of your website with Google Analytics tracking. This database measures the sex, time, location, and length of page views from each user down to an i.p. address of your users from your website. Check bounce rates (time on site by clicks), and outher audience overviews. Proper data analysis can lead to immense profits related to your website's traffic.

SEO Services Photograph | DinoRiese.com | 516.286.3583 | DinoRiese@gmail.com

Website Design Specialist

I create unique website designs that load with user friendly ease on all mobile menus reflecting rich target audience sensitive information. My designs contain content related images accompanied with SEO friendly key word friendly metadata, backlinks, tags, and structure. Proper Web Design Service involves conceptualizing, consulting, and understanding each individual client's needs.

Small Business Website Design Photograph | DinoRiese.com | 516.286.3583 | DinoRiese@gmail.com

Small Business Websites

New York Small Business Websites are not only a stepping stone, but they are the root of your online campaign. DinoRiese.com provides links to all your social media, email addresses, photo galleries, blog postings, and advertisement campaigns to grow your business. By promoting authority to your website, we generating conversions and measure them with analytical data to make strategic marketing decisions for your financial future.

Mobile Responsive Website Design Photograph | DinoRiese.com | 516.286.3583 | DinoRiese@gmail.com

Mobile Responsive Design

It is essential to have mobile responsive images along with informative text about your business in today’s competitive online markets. DinoRiese.com creates websites that upload your content fast and easy across all electronic mediums enabling you to remain competitive for your target audience to locate you online while your clients are mobile on the go. Your brand will always be consistent!

Graphic Design Photo by DinoRiese.com | 516.286.3583 | DinoRiese@gmail.com

Graphic Design Service

Working out of Valley Stream, NY, Dino Riese is an Adobe Certified professional who works a solid team of talented graphic designers specializing with redesign your logo, social media banners, blog images for high quality content postings, or create brand loyal advertisements for your business label matching your online brand or personal aesthetic intent seamlessly for your business identity.

Company Branding Services Photograph | DinoRiese.com | 516.286.3583 | DinoRiese@gmail.com

Company Branding

DinoRiese.com provides branding across all letterhead templates with company slogan, lists of links to all the proper social media campaigns on marketing materials, business cards, prints, and soft copy advertising consistant with the look and feel of your business identity also seen on all mobile devices. Your company colors are kept consistant to reflecting the brand loyalty of your business to your customers.

E-Commerce Ser vices Photograph | DinoRiese.com | 516.286.3583 | DinoRiese@gmail.com

E-Commerce Websites

If you want to sell inventory, make a big profit online, and look very good doing it, DinoRiese.com has a solid team of online professionals that upload your products with descriptions and display them in unique E-Commerce online store fronts. Shopping carts, product descriptions, and online shopping galleries are custom made and provided based on the size of each client's inventory. We can create a shopping cart custom to your vision reflecting your online business brand.

Printing Services Photograph | DinoRiese.com | 516.286.3583 | DinoRiese@gmail.com

Printing Services

DinoRiese.com is a complete printing advertising service offering business cards, pamphlet tri-folds, index cards, stickers, letterheads, and unique graphic designs that incorporate your business identity, website, label, and brand logo into all advertising materials. Custom printing is available for any dimension to be printed reflecting your corporate branding scheme. Dino Riese can print on just about every medium. If there is a special request you need assistance with to stand out from the pack, please call 516.286.3583 TODAY!

DinoRiese.com Website Design & SEO Service | Long Island, NY

DinoRiese.com | Web Design & SEO | NYC, Queens, & Brooklyn, NY

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Proudly servicing the New York City, Long Island, Queens, & Brooklyn area's Website Design & SEO needs.