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Meta Data is an essential part of today's business. Having optimized Breadcrumbs on your website is a good practice for SEO purposes. Breadcrumbs allows front-end & back-end information about your website's pages to be indexed, and compiled for viewing purposes online.

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What are Breadcrumbs exactly?

With a name derived from the classic children's fable, "Hansel and Gretel," breadcrumbs provide an alternate means of navigating the website for your visitors. Breadcrumbs are a convenient way for website visitors to find out where they are, and where they have been in your web page. Breadcrumbs will make it easier to navigate web pages in large websites that contain many pages by providing hyperlinks to pages further up the page hierarchy. This is an intuitive way to navigate other than using the navbar or a sitemap.

Breadcrumbs are embedded in the site's CSS. Once you put breadcrumbs into the CSS code, they will appear on every page of the website. Breadcrumbs appear as text hyperlinks, usually on one line towards the top of the page, and therefore do not take up much real-estate on the page. Some websites do not need breadcrumbs, such as one-page sites or sites with a very limited number of pages. If your website does contain many pages or you are constantly adding more pages, breadcrumbs are generally a good thing to have as it gives users a kind of "compass" to help them get to where they want to go. For example, say your website has pages for each individual product that you are selling. Breadcrumbs will allow the user to "drill-up" in the page hierarchy if they want to find similar products or just explore the product or department category. Many retail websites use breadcrumbs for this purpose, as they have a myriad of products and visitors often will want to go back to pages they visited without having to use the back button on the browser or otherwise starting the search from scratch using the navbar.

Add Breadcrumbs to your website by watching this video for step-by-step directions.

Why are Breadcrumbs Useful?
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  • For Complex Sites With Many Pages
  • Alternative Page Navigation
  • Ease of Access to Page Hierarchy
  • Visitors Can Return to Previous Pages

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Do Breadcrumbs also Help SEO?

Having breadcrumbs on your website will help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well. Breadcrumbs will help the search engines by telling them how one page in your website relates to another page. This helps the SEO for the outer page in the hierarchy as well as the inner page. Web Design & On-Page SEO Specialist image | Long Island & New York City |