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Updating website content on your website or a mobile responsive upgrade is an essential part of today's online business. Your ability to reach your audience on different online platforms with well written content is essential to your website's success. Upgrading your website content is necessary generates authority to your website. Website upgrades, and updates are a click away!

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Website Upgrading & Updating Service | New York City, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn | 516.286.3583,

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Website Upgrading & Updating Services |

Upgrading your website with new content is the best way to direct more authority to your online campaigns. having a mobile responsive website is super important to your online visibility. You can loose a significant amount of profits if you rely on your online store fronts, or company website that's outdated as a main source of income. Website Upgrades include but are not limited to search engine optimization implementation, content updating, on-page edits, and connecting newly acquired social media accounts to your website.

What are the benefits of website upgrading & updating?
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  • Adding content to your website will increase your organic optimization.
  • A mobile responsive upgrade will enable your website to be seen across all electronic platforms.
  • Unite all your social media into one place
  • Give your business a fresh look for your customers online.
  • Updating your metadata, tags, and backlinks will increase your SEO in prolific fashion.

Proudly servicing the New York City, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, areas website upgrading & updating services.

Website Upgrading & Updating Services
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What are Some Do's and Dont's of Website Migration?

Site Migrations can have a positive or negative impact on your site's rankings and traffic depending on how it's done. However, leaving a site alone without upgrading it for a long time can leave it looking outdated and obsolete, which will in turn negatively affect search engine rankings. Upgrading could be done in the form of Design Upgrades, Domain Changes, Rebranding, or necessary Website Merges.

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Website Upgrading Do's

Before you upgrade your site, you should take an inventory of old URL's. This will establish a baseline to use as a comparison with the new site. Running this inventory will inevitably uncover URL errors such as 400/500 status codes or redirect chains, so marketers should make note of these before the migration. You will also want to Benchmark old rankings, and run analytics on any performance metrics you might have. Backing up your old site is definitely a great idea as well, and should be obligatory in case something goes wrong during the migration. Having a backup will allow you to revert to the old version of the site in the case where there's errors. Planning the Navigation and Structure of the new site is also a crucial step and a siloed structure with a hierarchy of pages is recommended.

Website Upgrading Dont's

First and foremost, you should NOT delete your old site, even when the new site is up and running. In the early stages, you should keep the old site live while redirecting to the new site. You can save a copy of the old site on a hard drive and rename it. Before using the new site live, don’t use the staging site’s robots.txt file, which could keep search engines from indexing your site. It’s always best to have a new version ready to be uploaded before the new site goes live. You also shouldn't schedule your migration when traffic levels to your website are at its highest. Doing so would interrupt user experiences, which can result in high losses of web traffic. Lastly, if your rankings do drop after the migration, don't panic, as search engines have to recrawl your site to make note of the changes.

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