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Key Words are an essential part of today's online marketing. Having a key word sensitive SEO campaign is a good practice for SEO purposes. Key Words allow front-end & back-end information about your website's pages to be indexed, and compiled for viewing purposes online in a search by a user.

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Key Words

What is a Key Word exactly?

A Key Word or Key Word Phrase is used online to associate your content with a user when typing in a search in a search engine. This is among one of many key word purposes. Key words are not only seen on the viewing side of a website. There is a thing called metadata that is associated with a website key word metrics. metadata is located at the top of your website, and it lists the following data which is mainly for search engine optimization purposes:

  • Title Tag (should not exceed 60 characters) | SEO rules of thumb!
  • Key Word Tag (should not exceed 10 key words or phrases)
  • Description Tag (should be the last metadata tag listed)

You must understand, a computer is only as smart as the person who programmed it. My point is that you need to be as specific as possible to the most relevant key word phrases exactly as they would be listed in a search by an online user. Good SEO practice is to place specific key word phrases throughout each section of a web page's html content hitting all the Title Tags and Alt Tags of a website for website compliance, Google's crawlers to evaluate, index, and rank among related searches to your content's algorithm. In short, not only the metatags of your website get plugged with key words, the entire web page, website, blogs, and advertisements get them plugged as well.

Placing Key Words in Hashtags & Tags

To a lot of us this is a harsh reality, but we don’t always come first. in fact, with key-words you always want to list your key words first in the title of any tag, and then you list your direct name and contact information dead last. The reason for this is because the first form of a search authority from a user is what characters come first in a title tag. By placing your contact information in any tag 1st, you will narrow a search by a user to you first as opposed to your key words related to your business.

It's also a real challenge when you are starting your key word campaign in a highly saturated field online. Take online poker for instance. if you’re just coming to the table now, well you are late to the wild west. However, if you have a unique name for a technique you use to sell gold online, and you coin the term with a good social media backing key word sensitive to your content you will rank high right away.

Social media forms, blogs, and websites sometimes allow hashtags hashtags are used to group users that search or have content related to one another to locate each other on the web based on the key word listings users tag themselves or others in. Instagram is one of the biggest if not the biggest place online where hashtags can work wonders for key word listings in advertising. It is definitely a good idea to get a solid foundation with search engine optimization after acquiring your key words or phrases. Web Design & On-Page SEO Specialist image of hashtags |

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  • Key Word Sensitive Title Tag
  • Key Word Sensitive Phrases
  • Description Listing
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