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Dino Riese
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Dino Riese | Google Analytics Provider

Google Analytics & SEO are an essential part of today's business. A website requires Google Analytics to display your website's traffic, & user behavior patterns. This helps applying your SEO tactics the algorithms necessary to direct authority to your website. This is exactly what i do with a passion. If you like to put your business out there, the help is here!

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Google Analytics Provider

Do you need Google Analytics on your website? proudly assists websites of all sizes with google analytics & technical support to track your data aimed to increase search rankings. Proudly servicing the NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, and Valley Stream, Long Island, NY areas.

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Measure Bounce Rate (Time a user spent your Website) is a company built off endless dedication, talent, and passion for measuring & evaluating hard analytical data for businesses of all sizes. Proudly servicing the NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, and Valley Stream, Long Island, New York Area's online hosting needs.

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What is Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics is a script from google that a web master, or a tech support specialist installs on a website or web page to have its data measured on the Internet. Google Analytics (when installed correctly) displays charts and graphs of your website user data, which is used by businesses to measure website traffic, and make informed decisions on changes or improvements on new content necessary to gain profits.
In order to take advantage of Google Analytics & all of Google's products & services you must have or create a valid gmail address account. This is the account you will use to log in, view, and interact with the google analytics data. When I say "view and interact with the data" that's a crucial point to this service.
Just having the Google Analytics script in the "head" section of your website will not assist you if you don’t make intelligence out of this data. It is valuable & powerful information if used to one's advantage. Google now sends emails regularly (via your Google Analytics email address connected to the website) updates, spikes, or drops in your website's user behavior. This is epic, because you get amazing insights on how to generate more traffic to your website.
However, it is very important to check your Google Analytics data yourself as a regular practice (dedicate time and effort) and see what trends may have spiked or dropped traffic to your website. The reason for this is because you will know the best reasons why user traffic may have changed better than most if your truly about your business. This personal knowledge compared with empirical knowledge provided by relevant emails sent to you from Google about your google analytics statistics can give you a sick edge.
Google Analytics Account will also notify you if you violate any privacy policies. Google covers you on all angles as a user. Set up an account with Google Search Console. Google Search Console provides actionable reports, tools, and learning resources designed to get your content on Google Search. You can use Search Console both for websites and for mobile applications. If you decide to create and host your website with, you will get Google Analytics included with your Web hosting.

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Put Google Analytics on your website & Track Data!

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Proudly servicing the New York City, Long Island, Queens, & Brooklyn area's Google Analytics & SEO needs. Google Analytics Services | 516.286.3583

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