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Title Tags are an essential part of today's business. Having a title tag on your website is a good practice for SEO & Accesibility purposes. Title Tags allow front-end & back-end information about your website's pages to be indexed, and compiled for viewing purposes online.

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Title Tags

What is a Title Tag exactly?

Title Tags are the places in the html where the title of the web page is detailed. This title is what is shown in the google rankings when your page comes up in search results. The title tag will also be displayed at the top of the web browser, letting the user know exactly what the web page is about. Having accurate Title Tags using high-impact keywords will drive traffic to your website and is a crucial part of the search engine optimization process.

Title Tags are part of what is known as the meta-data of the web page. The title tag should be a clear and direct description of the web page, as concise as possible. Most often, the title tag will be responsible for a search visitor's first visit to your website. Therefore it is imperative that you have a good title that grabs attention and is also very accurate. The title tag is not only one of the most crucial pieces of search engine optimization, but it is also easily modified and can be optimized. As far as the optimal size of the title tag, consider 50 to 60 characters for each one. Each part of the web page should have its own title tag, specific to the page. This is done to ensure that pages are accurately matched to the search engine. It is also the best way for a search visitor to find your web page.

What Qualities Should A Title Tag Have?
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  • Long & Descriptive
  • 50-60 Characters Maximum
  • Mentions Your Brand Name
  • Accurately Describes Your Page & Content

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How to Write a Website Title Tag

There are three basic components that should be in a title tag. The first components are keywords that are related to your website or business. These keywords should describe what the page is about. Secondly, you should list your business location after the keywords. Lastly, include the name of your company or brand. Keep the website title tag under 70 characters to avoid parts of your title tag getting trimmed by the search engines.

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